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Welcome to my taxidermy website!   I am a professional taxidermist with a shop located in the town of Crystal Lake/Prairie Grove (within Northern Illinois' McHenry County).   I am a quality oriented,  Federal and state licensed taxidermist,  and a graduate of the Dan Rinehart taxidermy school (big game).

  From the time I was a young man I have harbored an love, passion, and enthusiasm for wildlife and wild game.   I have spent countless hours in the fields, woods, and waters observing game birds, mammals, and other wildlife's habits, movements, and characteristics.   What I've acquired from time spent in the outdoors I now apply to preserving your memories and trophies through the art of taxidermy.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Good hunting!

 "Hunters and fishermen fund nearly 75% of the annual income for all 50 state conservation agencies.  Through License fees and excess taxes on arms and gear, sportsmen contribute over $200 MILLION per year for wildlife conservation."  (U.S. Fish and Wildlife service)

Nick Myers

Shop address;

2520 IL Route 176 Ste. 6

Crystal Lake, IL